I believed in saying, “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal” Albert Einstein.

I am Elham from Saudi Arabia.I studied a Bachelor of Arts and then worked in the management sector for about seven years. I love challenges, and I find them the best way to make me a better informed person. At the same time, I like to help people who have difficulties. While I am happy to help them overcome their problems, I learn from these challenges good lessons for me.

My First Blog Post…

Last month, I started studying a Master of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Kingston University, London. One of the modules I chose to attend is “Design Thinking for Start-ups”. As part of this course, my first attendance was with the University at “A Hackathon with Surrey County Council”. I engaged with a number of my colleagues in designing a small project. Its main aim was to support students who come to study in the UK. It is well known that many of the newcomer’s struggle to adapt to life in a new place, especially when it is such a great and big city like London. Our partner in this project was Surry City Council. Therefore, we aimed for producing a list of tips and ideas to help those students understanding the new society values and culture of Surry. 

During this experience, we exchanged views and learned from those who have more experience in this field. While we were meeting on our project in the Council, we met a group of Surrey. It was remarkable that they organised many interesting events about integration. Most projects had benefits with people but learning from them about the challenges of new arrivals is crucial. (I think the new access may be in a similar situation for refugees at some points.) The staff of the Surrey Council had ideas and gave us some valuable advice on our project.

This small project has made me better appreciate the “Teamwork”. During the planning and executing of this project, I was teaming up with five of my colleagues. I learned many new ideas from everyone, and I hope I was able to benefit them from my experiences. Through dialogue among us, we were able to plan our project and came up with many innovative ideas. The team members were from different cultures. This had enriched our discussions and made the suggestions for our project suitable for students from different backgrounds. This experience has made me realise that working in a team saves time and energy of the members.

Furthermore, it makes the road to achieve the aim more enjoyable compared to working alone. I strongly believe that teamwork spirit is a factor that I will ensure to have as a part of all my future management experiences. To sum up, I will keep looking for new challenges but simultaneously, I will ensure having inspiring teammates.  

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