The Design Museum Visit

In the lesson design thinking, we went to the design museum with my team Tsana , Sara and Mai. We visited the ‘Beazley Designs of the Year 2019’ Exhibition and the ‘Designer Maker User.

And choose three designs with high innovation and design:

1- Alter Ego.

A Virtual Assistant Commanded by your thoughts.

A Virtual Assistant Commanded by your thoughts.

How might we help people with needs to do everyday task without actually get help from someone?

Alter Ego is a wearable neural interface that allows humans to command a virtual assistant by articulating words through thought. By reading neuromuscular signals sent from the brain to both the face and jaw during an internal speech, the headset can identify the words you think and translate them into a response. The device sends audio feedback via bone. The device is in the prototyping stage and, once rolled out, could be fundamental in helping those unable to speak out loud due to illness or injury to communicate. Alter Ego attempts to weave computing, the internet and Al as an internal ‘second self’, enhancing human abilities in a non-invasive manner.

2- An electric city bike rentable through your phone.

JUMP electric bicycle and scooter.

How might we help people who like privacy to find an alternative to beat traffic jam with environmentally-friendly transportation?”


An electric city bike rentable through your phone Title: JUMP electric bicycle and scooter JUMP by Uber Terry Stephens United States Designer: Nominator: Location: The future of sustainable cities depends on a radical reduction in the number of cars and in the fumes and traffic they generate. Perhaps aware that its business depends on diversifying the services they offer, the taxi-sharing app Uber this year launched a fleet of smart electric bikes and scooters, called JUMP. As car-trips decrease, the rapid uptake of its bikes continues. The bikes self-diagnose faults, can respond to real-time geographical changes and automatically implement compliance to speed limits. The bikes also have removable batteries, increasing the lifespan of the hardware. JUMP’s electric bicycle is already hugely popular in the United Kingdom too. However, the scooter is not yet legal on the road.

3- A discrete pregnancy test for a greener planet.

Lia pregnancy test.

How might we help a woman who’s like privacy and aware of environmental issues find a way to find out whether they pregnant or not?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is photo-2019-10-19-16-00-14.jpg
A discrete pregnancy test for a greener planet.

It is a telling fact that Lia is the first holistic redesign of the pregnancy test for 30 years. Unlike existing pregnancy tests, which are made of plastic and contribute one million kilograms of non-recyclable waste to landfill in the United States each year, Lia is designed to be discreet and sustainable. The product is made of a paper-like, coated material that breaks down when flushed and completely biodegrades in soil. Providing results that are more than ninety-nine per cent accurate Lia finally offers a private and eco-friendly way to find out whether you are pregnant.

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