After we won the trade fair the best trade stand, we were nominated to the Bright ideas competition, which was on Wednesday 5 of Feb in Kingston Business School.

Our team was chosen to present our product to a panel of professional experts for a chance to win up to £ 1,000 per category.

This is the final event for the Bright Ideas Competition. My team and I completed the application form online. We have also attended Sprint Weekend to help to develop the product before the final.

My team and I met every day to practice and prepare for the finals, we have arranged multiple practice sessions which helped us to become more confident. The competition is happening between 3:00 and 5:15 PM. we decided to come on Wednesday before the competition. The competition started at 3:00 PM and finished at  5:15 PM.

The competition will start by the ceremony and the selection of the winning groups will begin after that. The award ceremony will start at 5:30 PM.

During the waiting period, the winners are chosen. I managed to network with two judges, and I did a good job with both of them, but I knew we needed to learn from them and take correct advice and methods for product development in the future

Next, the panel winners will give a one-minute presentation, during which audience vote for those who made the presentation, particularly the group who made the best show.

The pitch of the presentation was 5 minutes and ten minutes for questions and answers

We were a little nervous, but this offer encouraged us to take more steps.

After the Bright Ideas competition on 7th of February, we had to create a product video ad with two in-class presentation teams and a discussion of the video.

The advert must be about 30 seconds long. Maximum one minute.

The winning teams will be awarded the Academy Awards based on a peer vote.

Communicate with your customer on the emotional, physical, and cognitive levels (EPC):

Emotional: Show why the product is fun, relaxing, or smart. Think about your corporate personality.

Physical: Show how it works.

Cognitive: Show why it makes sense to buy or use it.

we have seen some examples of inferring good and bad adverts.

In preparation for the Oscar Awards on Friday, my team and I met to make a video of for our product. ِEasy Out is A Mobile Foldable Tray made from sustainable materials to help you enjoy your meals with minimal effort either it’s outdoor or indoor.

After discussion, we chose several places such as McDonald’s, the garden and the house.

After showing all video teams nominated a winning team.

Easy-out Ad | Mobile Foldable Tray.

Our team won an Oscar Award, and we were all happy.

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