Preparing for our First Trade Fair

Hello everyone, as the Christmas holiday is over and the 2nd semester started, it is time to complete my blogs. My team and I met to prepare for our Trade fair.

We have prepared a few ideas to work with before the trade fair. The most important things are the brand logo, flyer, company logo, poster, and decoration. We have designed two logos to choose from and voted for one of them. And the colour scheme was chosen to be suitable for the logo and brand logo, flyer, poster, and decoration for the stand.

On 18-19 of January, we attended Bright Ideas Sprint for two days. Attendance was necessary to shape and improve our ideas, all Kingston University students from different courses attended this event. It was an opportunity to improve our ideas with the help of experienced experts and coaches, receiving some advice and comments, and learning new skills.

Event attendance was a good experience as we received a feedback that we could benefit from at our first Trade Fair. At the end, they chose 50 entrants of the Bright Ideas competition, who will be selected over the SPRINT weekend.

One of the guests was Sazrah, who was a world music producer. A piece of her works has been used in one of my favourite “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality show. She talked about her journey to success, and she gave us tips for the future about business, networks, and how to overcome conflicts and challenges.

Below are some important points to consider:

  • Understand the customer.
  • Focus on how people can be helped.
  • Allow some time to build relationships.
  • How to overcome challenges.
  • Volunteer, but only for reasons relevant to your idea.
  • Promotion of others

On the second day we presented our product in front of judges to take advantage of their expertise and product development before the Trade Fair, which will be on 23 of January, which will be showcasing and selling the product to the public for the very first time.

This first trade fair takes place in the Business School which provides a safe environment in which you can learn and prepare to face customers outside of the school.

We Will be showcasing our product and selling to the public for the very first time.

All teams will participate in the trade fair.

The purpose of the trade show is to place you in front of real potential customers who will test your product assumptions, test your knowledge of your product, test your management and sales skills, and test your entrepreneurial situations

On the next blog, I will update what we did our first Trade Fair.

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