The First Trade Fair.

On Thursday 23 of January, our first trade fair show took place at Kingston Business School. We have prepared everything in advance such as poster, flyer, stand and logo.

The purpose of the first trade fair was to know your product, selling skills, convince the customer in front of you, and understand the assumptions of your product. My team and I were a little nervous because it was the first time to attended a trade fair. among the clients, there were secret rulers who evaluated our product and asked some questions and nominated three teams to win. Every participating team contributed £10, which went towards awarding the top 3 winners.

         The best product.

         The best sales team.

         The best trade stand.

I agreed with my team to come an hour before the appointment to prepare our table, each group has one table with a black tablecloth and two chairs. We have put a blackboard and a poster explaining what the product is, What its idea, problems and the aim of the product. We also brought the prototype of the product and its three faces so that we showed them the stages of development and change between each step.We decided to wear a uniform which is a white shirt and black pants.

Easy-out Logo

The purpose of the trade fair was to test our products for the public for the first time, and to get comments, feedback, and advice from customers and judges whether positive or negative and we also got some ideas for product development. After that the judges chose three teams to win the best product, the best trade stand and the best sales team. We had won the best trade stand which made us more motivated with our business idea. We still need to show some improvements in some areas, but we knew this encouraged us to do more for the next competition Bright Ideas competition final.


The most important points that I learned from the first Tarde Fair:

  • Listen to the customer: The service provider must focus well when listening to the customer’s speech, and it is good for him to use the views that indicate his serious follow-up. Good understand to the customer requires his encouragement to express his needs and in a manner that satisfies him completely.                                 
  • Understand the product: knowing the basics of your product at least is crucial to selling effectively.
  • Accepting people’s opinions.
  • Teamwork reflects positively on the progress of work in the different stages, as well as on the quality of the work itself, and thus the productivity of this work increases and its quality increases.
  • Time management skills: Planning, organising, setting priorities, directing and following up
  • Judges and Customer feedback is essential to the improvement of the product and learning new ideas.

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