After the Corona Virus shocked in the world, the cases of the Coronavirus were increasing, everyone was afraid and did not want to go out. It was a week full of work and pressure. We had no time. We had to meet and work to finish everything. We were always cooperating, and my team was supporting each other.

We have finally reached the stage to the Dragons Den, when we look back at the days we went through from September to March, and the difficulties and obstacles we faced, we realize our capabilities and the problem-solving skills we have developed over that period of time.

After Mock Dragons ‘Den presentation, questions and answers last week, the judges gave us some direct advice in addition to the evaluation, which was sent to us later. The advice was good to take advantage of in the final, as it required us to improve the presentation and add the announcement that we won an Oscar Award.

On Friday,13th of March, my team and I decided to arrive early to practice our presentation before the judges arrive to the location. We were very confident to talk about our idea and product. Each team is assigned a classroom to practice their presentation before the final presentation. Our team and I have trained and presented our presentation to calculate time. We all felt very confident and prepared to showcase our product. The presentation was easier for us than before, because we have practiced our presentation several times in advance.

My team and I were a little nervous, because we realized that we are about to give a presentation about everything we were working on as a team within a year time and that this is the wonderful moment when we are waiting for, the entire semester. we understand that the judges are there for us and that we know our comments and provide them with our work, and they give us experience, their opinions and suggestions.

We presented our product, and the questions started from the judges we promoted our product in the best possible way, and we showed them the stages of our product development between each step.


We left the room and waited outside for a few hours until all the groups finished their presentations, then we gathered in a place to receive the expected result. We sat in the hall all the groups after a whole day of presenting and waiting. There will be winners with the best product. They will be honored to present Kingston University and compete in the National Dragon Den. everyone must also prepare a two-minute presentation if they win in front of everyone.Unfortunately, we did not win, and four teams were selected for the finals.

In the end, it is a great job, but any good work does not bring me the most attempt and failure, patience. I was lucky because I went through a great learning experience with a great team and a wonderful coach that helped me reach something higher than I expected now.

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