Eden Walk Trade Fair..

On Saturday, February 22nd, we had to showcase our product at the busiest shopping center in Kingston.

This trade fair is an opportunity to interact with a wider circle of audience. It is suitable for testing and strengthening your motivation and entrepreneurial skills.

My team and I decided to come early to prepare our booth, we arrived at 08.45 and the trade began at 10 AM and finished at 5 PM.

This trade fair is to better understand the market, improve our sales strategy, and collect customer reviews. We hoped to sell as many units as possible, we had no finished product then, where we met with Al Najjar more than once to explain the product

  Unfortunately, the carpenter did not understand the product well, although we sent the prototype with him so that we could apply it as is. But in the end, we decided to use the prototype that we worked on. and our sale policy was on order.

One of the team members wore the tray and walked around the center, so shoppers asked about the product, and we distributed the work card to reach social media to be more clear.

 Our trade stand at the trade fair was a critical opportunity for us to introduce Easy Out product to the public. We did make a deep engagement in communication with the visitors who came to our stand. While one of the team members was speaking, the other team members were performing a live demonstration to showcase how to use Easy-Out practically with the help of other decoration tools that we made especially for the stand. To us, the live demonstration is an effective strategy to persuade potential buyers, because it utilizes visuals shows, so all benefits can be seen in action, as customers are more likely to buy the product if it is seen in action than on screen or pictures. Another approach of the sales strategy was showing off our advertisement video to give the visitors another visual show that showed different places or situations to use our product.

Branding is important for every business to succeed. We want to capture the potential customers’ attention through it. We embedded our branding throughout everything that we did as a start-up. The reason why we choose a yellow, black and little touch of white for our logo and other branding materials is that yellow represents happiness, positive, and convenience. While black represent excellence, strength, and a little bit of white represent efficiency. We put our branding in everything from the marketing tools such as social media, and advertisement video, to decoration tools for our booth at the trade fair. We made similar design across all the things we put in the trade, such as posters, flyers, business cards, coffee cup, burger box, nugget box, fry’s holder, and bottled water. All those props were labelled with our brand which left a good impression to the judges. Also, All the team members dressed a white top, and black bottom, and used the ID card to distinguish from other companies on that day.

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