Preparing our business report, MOCK DRAGONS’ DEN.

Welcome back, I hope you’re doing well, before the 5th of March, we had to prepare an initial draft of our business report

My team and I met, distributed the responsibilities among us, and made a start on writing about our product which is Easy Out.

From this experience, we learned that teamwork is important, but when it comes to writing a report, it was challenging to standardise the style among team members.

After completing all the sections, we compiled the sections, read the report, reviewed it and corrected each other so that we can identify and missing elements and amend the report accordingly. We have also included some pictures to document the report.

After completing the report, we had to make a PowerPoint presentation for our work, therefore we made a presentation on Friday, the 6th of March. Mock Dragons ‘Den gave us feedback in preparation for Den Dragons’ Den 6 minutes Presentation and 10 minutes Questions and answers. this presentation is not graded, but it was good practice before preparing the final. The presentation was before three judges. Kristen, Fazl Hasnain and Dwain Reid.

On that day, my team and I were feeling nervous and this is normal. We will present our work for seven months and now it is presented to the arbitrators for the first time. This trip helped us improve the presentation and take comments and evaluation. So that the next offer is better.

The points that the judged will be asked about:

  • Business Pitch:
  • Marketing.
  • Finances.
  • Ambition, Customer Relations & Lessons Learned.
  • Sales & Brand—Display Merchandising, Packaging.

Judges will rate us on our presentation using Dragons’ Dragon Markers paper.

We got some comments from the judges when we presented the presentation

There were many lessons that I took from them:

  • We expect the feedback to be hard, but this is a fact that will help improve and develop our product.
  • We must take advice and work with it from the experienced individuals with rich knowledge
  • We must accept the comments quietly and positively as this affects your work.
  • Build on feedback before and show to the judges that you have addressed and resolved problems.

Finally, I have learned the importance of teamwork, as it is a way to achieve goals, accomplish business objectives, exchange experiences, and develop skills. As the teamwork made me more social, more capable of dividing tasks and distribute them to members of the group and give each person what suits his skills.

Success is the success of an entire team, not an individual success

An effective team is one that contains different people, each with unique features and characteristics.

I expect Mock Dragons ‘Den that the training was a good opportunity to learn to prepare for next week and learn about the type of questions we might face from the judges. How to respond to them, and how to confront the judges and present the product to them..

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